about us

Visvas Swimming Center, a newly inaugurated swimming pool in line with FINA technical specifications for a Short Course pool, offers diverse swimming facilities and courses aimed at a cross section of residents including children, adults, ladies, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The programmes on offer include competitive swimming classes, recreational swimming, advanced swim training, lap swimming, therapeutic swimming for patients advised to undergo water therapy, aided swim sessions for children / adults with disabilities such as autism or down's syndrome and masters swimming. Residents can also enroll themselves as regular members for specific periods on a renewable basis and they will be allotted separate lanes.

Our Programs

Our classes are enjoyable, refreshing and also is very rewarding. We have the unique method of teaching our students by understanding every individual's ability to learn swimming skills.

1. Personal Attention

Our classes are a great, affordable option for those looking for the individual attention and scheduling flexibility of private lesson but don't mind swimming with another student. This class style is ideal for swimmers from the same family that have similar swimming ability.

2. Expert Instructions

This is the real phase in which an ordinary individual transforms in to a stronger, determined, spirited, aggressive and thoughtful individual.

3. Amazing Results

Advance training gives individuals the opportunity to show their mettle in different stages in the form of competitions. The different age groups in the swimming schedule give everybody a chance of getting accolades, if worked with sincerity.